About BoxConcept

Buy in a box, buy for less!

At BoxConcept, we keep it simple for you to treat yourself or your special someone with a delightful box chock full happiness. It’s so easy! You find the perfect box from our shop and we send it straight to your doorstep.

BoxConcept is all about simplifying the lives of modern-day consumers (count yourself in) with elegant products for women, dude-friendly items, rare find goodies and irresistible gifting ideas. We handpicked our items from trusted global brands and the most sought-after local producers. We are also a proud partner to some of the best local artisans in the country.


Imagine a box that conveniently shows up to your doorstep

We designed our deals for anyone who wants practical products at a much cheaper price compare to retails. These items are sent to your doorstep in a beautifully presented box. We deliver oh-so-perfect concepts that you would love to have again and again, you  can hardly wait to unbox the next one.

Thoughtfully curated boxes

Whether you choose a box for your own or  as a gift for your special someone, we promise to only send thoughtfully curated and handpicked items. Our collection of the best items — whether seasonal or everyday products — are backed by our passion to send the best picks.  

BoxConcept’s hand-packed gifts for your loved ones

Imagine receiving a box of gift that is sooooo YOU . . . it’s the kind of gifting concept we have.  These outside the box gift ideas (pun intended!) are handpicked and curated to impress your special someone.  The gift comes in our elegant box so nobody has to give or receive another gift that looks like it was wrapped by three blind mice. Now you can make gifting effortless, personalized and most of all, delightful for yourself and your loved ones.

BoxConcept for all seasons and special occasions

Our themed boxes make it easy as pie to give someone the thrill of receiving a beautiful box. Inside are authentic items from the best local and global brands, thematically curated and carefully picked to match the special occasion. BoxConcept gifts are perfect for special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and the  like. They are also perfect for corporate gatherings and even for a simple Singles Awareness Day.

Made-for-you Boxes

We make it plain and simple for you to send gorgeously-themed boxes for your guests. Simply talk to us about your event, your goals and the items you want in your box and we will handle the rest for you. Perfect for events, gatherings and special occasion. The items are packed inside a boldly-designed  elegant box that anyone would be so curious, it makes them super excited, they can hardly wait to open it.

Behind BoxConcept

Cheryll Chan leads BoxConcept.  Her idea for BoxConcept was simple: to bring happiness to modern-day consumers who are at times, too stressed out at everything, even on their purchasing decision.  Cheryll brought BoxConcept to life; sending gifts, surprises and the best finds to almost every corner in the Philippines.

Cheryll is also an entrepreneur, a traveler and tea connoisseur.

Treat yourself (or someone) with a box full of surprises

(We box it fast. Faster than you can say Massachusetts. Ships on your schedule)


Sell at BoxConcept

Does your business sell concept packages or gifts? Do you have products that the Filipino consumers need to know more about? Or do you think your online store could use a little help with more consumer reach?

We’re looking to partner with businesses who need better exposure for their products. We can put your products in front of the BoxConcept community. This translates to more consumer reach and better growth for your business.  Interested? It all starts with a conversation. Drop us a message at hello@boxconcept.ph